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"successful living environment is an environment that suits the user(s) in every way"

Boudewien van den Berg


I believe that there is an interaction between people and their (physical) environment. A space and the objects in it can therefore also influence us in a positive way. Both in terms of offering functionality and creating atmosphere.

With a background in social sciences (Utrecht University) and design (Design Academy Eindhoven), the relationship between man and surroundings has been central to my work since 2011.


At Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA-Rem Koolhaas) I learned to work on the scale of space. My path took me along fashion shows for Prada and Miu Miu, the interior of care homes for the elderly and the living environment of people without a place to live, brought my focus to the place that is so important to many people: Home.

STUDiO BAiBO helps and guides people in creating a wonderful home. The goal is to let aesthetics and everyday life come together, so that your home fits you like a glove.

Interior advice

Interior design

Guidance and realization

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